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Going-Out Outfit Ideas That Will Get You Through the Winter Months

Half the battle of going out during the winter is putting together an outfit that allows you to combat the cold in style. But with strategic layering, the right materials, and creative styling, there are plenty of ways to curate a look that offers the best of both worlds. With some of your favorite celebrities as proof, sacrificing a chic ensemble for warmth is no longer necessary.

Regardless of your personal aesthetic, you don’t have to choose between comfort and style for a night out with friends or your partner. And more often than not, the main pieces you need are already hanging in your closet—you might just need a few extra additions to complete the look. Ahead, six winter going-out outfit ideas with the key pieces you need to re-create them yourself.

The Modern Blouse :

A blouse is defined as a loose-fitting upper garment formerly worn by women, workmen, artists, and children. A blouse gathers at the waist or hips so that it hangs loosely over the body. Over time, the term has been used to refer to a shirt which has an unmistakably feminine appearance.

Oversized Belted Color-Block Crepe Blazer :

Winter collection is saturated with beautiful colors – the palette gradually moved through every shade of the rainbow as the model walked down the runway.

Leg-Lengthening Boots :

A pair of tall leather boots paired with a midi skirt offers just enough coverage to keep you warm when the temperature drops. Plus, when paired together, they create a streamlined look that’s chic too.

Winter White :

Trade in your classic white top for a version with artful cutout or textured designs instead. Follow pair it with detailed trousers and bag for your night out.

Long-Sleeve Turtleneck :

Whether you layer it under a leather trench or wear it solo, this white turtleneck top by Cleair Monroe will work hard in your going-out wardrobe.

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