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Winter Outfit Ideas – Celebrity Style To Steal This Season

“ It’s cold outside!” – here’s your reminder to hit ‘refresh’ on your wardrobe for the winters!

Undoubtedly, January is the most-awaited month of the year. It’s the holiday season, the weather is the best, and we can go into ‘incognito’ mode between the several layers of winter outfits. Now, who wouldn’t love that?

If you plan on defying the ordinary and not giving into old habits of going everywhere in your PJs though, we have rounded up some of our favorite fashion their winter #OOTDs for you to take inspiration from! Go ahead and read right till the end.

Sweater + Black Trousers

Overall sweater is feathery soft but theere is one major issue the fur from the sweater shreds and sticks everywhere even on the bottom trousers which we would pair this sweater with. Other than this there is no cons in the sweater if this doesnt bothers u you can undoubtedly go for it.

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Coat + Turtleneck + Trousers + Pumps

Tap into refined, elegant style with a black coat and blue suit pants. Finish off your look with white leather pumps. How to pair your favorite crop tops with jeans, a skirt, and more to jeans, dress your top up with leather trousers and a sexy pump. The black turtleneck and leather jacket help temper the sparkle of this look, meaning you could confidently wear it out of the house.

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Blazer + Jeans + Ankle Boots

If you’re looking for the chicest spring item to wear with your jeans and ankle boots, check out this chic. If you’re on a mission for a casual yet absolutely stylish outfit, wear a blazer, boots and jeans. Put a different spin on an otherwise mostly dressed-down look by slipping into a pair of black ankle boots.

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Long Black Coat + Sweater + Jeans + Boots

Pair a black coat with black jeans to feel absolutely confident in yourself and look laid-back and cool. Ramp up your look with a pair of black and white high top boot. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is for any guy to get sweater this way. Just a black coat worn with black jeans. As for the shoes, you can stick to a more elegant route with black boots.

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