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Power Day Sale provides Authentic, Affordable, Design Conscious with a Blend of Western and Ethnic Wear for the modern you. Getting you best of the brands exclusively for you!

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Our Story

In 2017 we started with a vision, to make fresh fashion affordable. We are not growing into a global brand offering the latest fashion to the world.

We are a one-click “en Vogue” destination. Our merchandising team gets your daily dose with the trendiest styles and best fashion inspiration updated every day. We provide access to the hottest and handpicked looks of the current season; looks that are inspired from celebrities, European catwalks and high-end luxury labels.

As soon as we design new styles, we make them accessible online within a week from conceptualization. Styles might be quickly sold out because we do not keep a lot of stock – so you have to purchase quickly to avoid out of stocks.

We work hard to ensure that our designs & styles are absolutely unique, beautiful and trendy. We make the latest fashion accessible; provide the prettiest pieces in town and hand-pick the fabrics, colors, prints and designs.

70% of our sales is currently Private Label collection of POwer Day Sale and together with selected edits from famous brands getting you High Fashion for less.

Power Day Sale offers a massive selection of the latest clothing and accessories for both men and women. Our fashion purchase never sleeps, and every day you can discover new items added to our catalog. Our large operations keep our costs down, and we pass this advantage on to you with our fabulous prices.

Content Engagement

Power Day Sale is aiming to be a leader in engagement through editorial lifestyle content and social media. With Facebook followers and Instagram, our content engagement engagement is higher than the nearest competitor. Our editorial style focuses on you, helping you to get right fashion for you.

We are constantly striving to increase our blogs and giving you fashion tips that no other shopping website will provide. Our bloggers keep a detailed tap on the fashion industry getting you the right collections for you.

Amplify Brand

Affordable, Aspirational and Authentic, Power Day Sale in association with London-based TD Mercado (UK) Limited gets you fashion brand designed for you..

Our fashion purchase team are an authority and with credentials getting you the best of brands curated for the young stylish consumer across the globle. We offer global shipping service.

As a result of our ‘#LookFamous’  marketing campaigns (in associations with TD Mercado (UK) Limited), our Social Media team get you first-class customer experience,


Expand Territory

Our fashion items are worn across the globe. With an international shipping network, no matter where in the world you are, our all our items can be shipped internationally to you via registered tracked mail.

Our focus remains on the considerable growth opportunity in North America with most of the items being shipped from local warehouses. However, we have identified a number of territories with significant growth potential for partnerships including Middle East, Asia-Pacific and the UK.

We are already experimenting with Localized websites and content for our new markets.

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