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The Complete Guide to Styling Women’s Shorts

Shorts can be the unexpected star of your wardrobeif you know how to style them. While shorts have always been a staple for casual outings, the right pair can also work in dressier circumstances, like the office or even cocktail hour. Read on for our guide on how to wear and style women’s shorts for different outfits.

A true classic. The casual cheekiness of denim shorts is all part of the lasting appeal. Style them with a breezy white button-down and sneakers, or a boho long-sleeve top. You can also make denim shorts a little more formal with an oversized blazer and heeled sandals. Everybody. Because, like jeans, they come in unlimited rises, first, and washes, you can find a flattering pair for any shape.

Meet your perfect match for work. Add a hint of femininity by pairing them with a puff sleeve blouse, or go for a chic womenswear-inspired vibe with a matching blazer and belt. for lush fabrics like leather or summer-weight wool to give your outfit polish. Since these shorts have a classic straight cut, they usually look great on hourglass body types, as they play up curves. Wider silhouettes help balance inverted triangles and fill out rectangular frames.

Since shorts often come in neutral colors, play off that and combine them with a polo or button-down for subtle preppy vibes. A striped black-and-white top is also a playful twist, especially when worn with a denim jacket with rolled sleeves. The tailored lines of this warm-weather staple make them flattering for all body types, but they work especially well for women with longer legs.

Choose something simple on top like a plain white blouse or button-downto put all the emphasis on these statement-making shorts. For a cuter and more casual feel, wear high-waisted shorts with your favorite graphic tee tucked in. A classic color palette, such as black with white, is the easiest way to pull off this silhouette. Hourglass and apple body types, as it accentuates the waist.

Tie-waist shorts are high on comfort, since they’re usually made with fabrics such as poplin and linen. Dress up your tie-waist shorts by wearing a blouse with an oversized collar, or go more casual with a crop top. High-neck tops are particularly flattering with this style of shorts. They’re usually a little roomy, making them perfect for athletic body types who want to show off strong legs. The defined waist is also great for hourglasses and apples.

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