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Style Tips To Wear Different Types Of Prints

Mixing prints fashion trend has recently become extremely popular. It really gives a new vision to dressing-up. Some people think that combining different types of prints on fabric is very complicated but in fact, it is not. At least unless one knows several key rules and useful tips. Summer is definitely one of the best times to try out bright florals, geometric and tiger prints of blouses, tops, Trendy T-shirts, skirts, and trousers. Winters and autumns are ideal for layering clothes with darker geometrical, subtle and military prints.

Get inspired from current fashion trends.

The best way to match colors and prints like a pro is to practice as much as possible. It is really worth checking out fashion blogs and magazines where you can always grab some fresh ideas. However, sometimes good print matches happen by accident, so don’t hesitate to try out even crazier combinations. It’s always great to get a second if you’re feeling confused or unsure about how you’ve styled your prints.

Fashion tips to get started with prints.

Stripes styling tips

This pattern is definitely one of the most popular and versatile as it equally suits both men and women. After appearing centuries years ago, stripes have never left the runway and fashion industry. They became extremely popular again in the 20th century. Sometimes in the Western world, they are associated with something negative like prisoners, clowns or criminals. Nowadays, there are hundreds of color combinations of this pattern. Stripes can be thick, thin, small, big, straight, curved, short, and long. This pattern is worn by men and women as it is so called basic print which goes very well with almost everything.

Animal print styling tips

Leopard and tiger print dresses are still very popular and can be found in any fashion collection of each and every season. The history of this pattern goes back to the times of kings and queens when wearing such a pattern was a symbol of high status and enormous wealth. You will be surprised but it hasn’t changed much since those times. Even now, wearing a tiger or zebra print means mostly showing off. It is interesting that US rock and pop singers were fond of this print in the 1960’s and then again in the 1980’s.

This pattern is not limited only to tigers and leopards. There are also zebras, giraffes, cheetah, hyenas, and even monkeys! Of course, modern animal print doesn’t mean that you should wear a skin of an animal. It is just a beautiful imitation of the fur of certain animals. The pattern looks really well if it is made of “natural” colors. Some fashion experts recommend wearing only one piece of clothes with such a print at a time. Beginners trying to mix prints may face difficulties in combining animal pattern with other types of prints. However, this trendy and unique print is absolutely worth trying if you want to be in the limelight.

Floral pattern styling tips

There are a lot of types of fabric prints in shopping, but this pattern is really very special and universal. Of course, it is a famous and beloved floral pattern. It is awesome, beautiful and versatile, and it comes in various colors. Nowadays, it is impossible to say how this print was created. Most of the experts believe that it came into the fashion industry from Asia where flowers play an important role in the culture. Ancient fabrics from Japan, China and India were full of floral patterns. In the West, this print appeared in the 15th century because of numerous traders and merchants. It is amazing, but Europe started producing own textile with the print only in the 18th century.

Geometric print styling tips

Modern fashion industry offers various creative designs. Prints keep changing every year, but they will never leave the runway. Ethnic, tribal, floral, military, subtle, geometric, watercolor, polka dot, and abstract patterns have already become trendy and classy. If you want to look stylish and smart, you’d better keep an eye on the latest print trends. All in all, combining complicated prints is certainly an art you’ll now be able to master.

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