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Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin

If there’s one thing women want more than an on-point wardrobe, it’s on-point skin! Wishing for it to be flawless is on our daily agenda, and we don’t hold back from splurging on products that help us achieve this goal. From high-priced creams to complicated home remedies, we’ve tried it all – haven’t we? While oily skin is definitely something that nobody likes, there’s another extreme, which is dry skin. Here’s a comprehensive guide on everything that provides much-needed moisture to dry skin. Take notes for the best skincare routine for dry skin, ladies! Feeling that stretch & pull on our face every morning isn’t pleasant, just like the dullness and flakiness on the rest of our bodies.

Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

While endless trips to the dermatologist help largely, they’re not the only things that help. Wondering how do I treat dry skin daily? All you need to maintain that glow are a few trusted tips from experts and fellow women. Read on!

  • That scalding hot water you love showering with every day? That needs to go! You don’t have to give up the warmth, just make sure it isn’t turning your bathroom into a sauna. The adverse effects that extremely hot water can have on not just your face but also your body are often ignored, but no more.
  • Use moisturizing gel lotions and body washes. Look for words like ‘moisturizing’, ‘nourishing’, ‘soothing’, ‘hydrating’, etc. on the label. Basically, anything that implies hydration and reduces itchiness, as well as your dry skin problem, should be on your shelf.
  • Get into the habit of only blotting your towel on your face or body for drying, and not rubbing it vigorously. Even though you may find it a tad bit more time-consuming, not doing it accounts for a lot of skin irritation.
  • This is an important step in the skincare routine for dry skin. Morning, evening, and night are all great times to apply it. Make sure to massage it into your skin properly.
  • Contain multiple skin nourishment composition with peptide, quality of a material is mild and soft, provide sufficient moisture and nutrition to skin, improve the dry lack water, help skin anti-aging anti wrinkle, nourish and hydrate, fight fine lines, lift: firming skin, delay ageing, soft skin, anti wrinkle etc, replenish skin energy, let your skin youthful luster.
  • Pick the right fabrics! Synthetic fibers can cause friction and in turn, a lot of irritation to dry skin. It’s essential to invest in clothing made with not just high-quality fabrics but also natural ones. If that’s not possible, invest in a non-irritating detergent as a part of your skincare routine for dry skin.
  • Plant-based ingredients with safe formula, mild and no irritation, no side effects. Wake up the skin, quickly penetrate into skin, replenish the moisture and nutrients needed by skin. Improve large pores and dull skin, repair damaged skin barrier, continuously deliver moisture. Effectively adjust water and oil balance, improve skin tone and enhance skin elasticity. Light and smooth texture, no sticky feeling, easy to be absorbed by skin.
  • A well thought out skincare combo set is one of the best gifts you could give yourself or your loved ones. Maintaining a skincare routine keeps your skin hydrated, moisturised, and away from all skin issues. These combos are tailored for various skin types and are ideally categorised for people of all ages.
  • Serum helps repair the damaged skin and rejuvenates it. It helps plump up the skin, fights signs of aging and evens out skin tone. Use it daily to get younger feel glowing skin. Helps fades dark spots & pigmentation and boosts skin radiance and elasticity. Vitamin C of 20% concentration ensures maximal absorption. Helps reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E defends the skin from aging and Hyaluronic Acid plumps up the skin.

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