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Trending Lace Pattern Dresses

Delicate, Our humble lace has come a long way. A handmade fabric with traces in Italy, lace’s history is quite disputed. There are roughly 9 types of laces with bobbin, cutwork and machine-made being the most popular ones. Okay, fine fine history lesson is over. Lace has been seen as a mark of sophistication, nobility and sensuality. Nowadays from your underwear to your dresses, everything has lace!

Lace pattern dress have gained much popularity over the years. It is also the most common fabric to make wedding gowns. You may not be a bride, hun but you definitely need a lace pattern dress or two in your wardrobe! Lace dresses give you a sense of being delicate yet strong at the same time. Yes, they are feminine and we love them that way! Are these questions still running on your mind?

Off-Shoulder Lace Dress

When in doubt, go for an off-shoulder lace dress! Like this one by Forever New. The pale pink shade with off shoulder neck and overlapping short sleeves makes for an ideal outfit. It has a midi sheath underneath which makes it quite unique. The lace accents that run along the breasts and waist add to the chic factor. This outfit is perfect for brunches, pool parties, product launches and whatnot!

Halter Neck Lace Dress

Halter necks were a rage in the early 2000’s. Almost every college girl was spotted in one. The stylish neck pattern is now back in fashion. A halter neck lace dress style will quickly become your go-to option every time you are heading out. It is not only voguish but also comfortable. Both fit and flare and bodycon suits a halter neck lace pattern dress. No wonder men are envious of the choices and styles we have in women’s clothing!

Backless Chiffon Sexy Dresses

All sexy mamas in the house, this one’s for you! A completely transparent or see-through dress with lace accents. Believe it or not, this tulle or sheer dress is dubbed as ‘street style’. Ahem, maybe not the streets of India. Jokes apart, this lovely sexy number definitely deserves a chance! If you notice closely there is lace work on the bodice and the end of the dress. Stylists say you can also pair it with a long black skirt (yes, underneath the dress!) If you are worried about your underwear, make sure the shade is the same as your dress. If you are uncomfortable, you can slip in a cotton/silk short dress and then wear a sheer lace dress.

Fit and Flare Lace Dress

Fit and flare dress never go out of style. Add some pretty lace to it and you’ve got yourself an unbeatable lace pattern dress! Dark-colored fit and flare dresses look better as they accentuate your body (yes your body is lovely and deserves to be flaunted even if you think it is unworthy. We love you and we love your body!)

Crochet Lace Dress

Never thought we’d hear the words together but yes, crochet lace is a thing! Quick refresher – crochet is a type of stitching and lace is a type of fabric. Crochet lace dresses are not as popular as the others in this list but they are worth a shoutout. The crochet lace design comes with a midi sheath dress. The crochet lace is woven by hand by artisans.

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