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Various Types Of Skirts – Styling Tips For All

Explore various trendy types of skirts, and where to wear them. Pick your personal favorites from our list of skirt styles and skirt outfit ideas.

Skirt, a tube shaped garment hanging down the waist, is the 2nd oldest garment known to the people in the history. It is a most iconic & an ultimate feminine staple piece of a woman’s wardrobe. With the advancement in the fashion arena, the style, length & types of skirts have been transformed to align with the contemporary spirit of time. With different types of skirts entering in the fashion world, women all across the board adopt the styling sense instantly.

Skirt and top fashion

Skirt fashion is an easy way to look chic effortlessly. Different types of skirts help you achieve a plethora of looks for different occasions. A skirt could be straight, bouffant or flared designed in almost all the lengths including knee length, floor length, ballerina length etc. The skirt outfits are fun, glam & versatile to be worn for life’s various occasions. Depending on the style and profile of the outfits with skirts, one can pull off a range of looks like feminine, fun, sophisticated, chic, prim & proper.

Here we are introducing you to a range of fashionable, comfy and playful skirts you need to fill your rack with and a few fun styling ideas answering.

Types of skirts and how to look stylish in them.

Long skirt outfits – Tops to wear with long skirts

The long skirt fashion is making a comeback and the best part being that they can be styled in so many ways! Long skirts are absolutely trendy and suit every body type. Try a floor length skirt done in bright prints and colors as a statement making piece that perfectly pairs with a basic black or a white tee. Incorporating shirts & t-shirts is a safest & easiest option for daily fashion, plus it absolutely works with your long skirts. So just pick your favorite tee – solid or graphic or a plain shirt– and tuck it in your skirt! If you love denim jackets, just blindly pick up one and pair it up with your long skirt for a super comfy feel.

Pencil skirt outfit

A pencil skirt is a timeless outfit that suits every body shape and every age group, it’s just a matter of styling. It can be worn in every season no matter whether you have to attend a business meeting or a casual occasion. For a formal look, opt for a skirt and shirt outfit. Pencil skirt with boots makes a sex appeal and gives a chic look. Are you still wondering as to what to wear with a black skirt? Just tuck plain shirt in and voila! To catch some eyes, make it black from tip to toe- a black pencil skirt with a plain black blouse does all the trick. During summers, wear it with a cute floral top and spice up the game.

A line skirt outfits

A 60’s favorite trend, a-line skirt is going to make a well deserved comeback this summer gaining unregrettable popularity due to its easy to style silhouette. Create a denim a line skirt outfit with a white tee and sneakers for a stylish look. For a casual Wednesday, go for a relaxed printed blouse with a denim skirt. If you choose to tuck in the top, opt for a thin fabric top which will not show up the underneath layer of skirt. Again, choose an appropriate length for a perfect look. Tall women must opt for knee length skirt while petite women must opt for a mid length.

High waisted skirt and top

High waisted skirt outfit is incredibly popular these days. One can create a range of edgy skirt outfit ideas with a high waisted skirt. Create an outstanding look with a deep V-neck long sleeve blouse tucked in high-waisted pencil midi skirt or wear a crop bra top with thin straps in dark abstract print teamed with high-waisted skirt. Finish the look by adding an ankle-strap black heeled sandals and drop earrings. Create another sexy cocktail look with a blush bodysuit tucked in high waisted cream-gray bondage midi pencil skirt paired with white heels.

These are some fresh inspiration ideas & styling tips for skirt outfit ideas worth recreating this season. Drop your comments below and let us know your favorite version of skirt.

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