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Must-Try Looks For Every College Girl

College is the most exciting phase for students. Friends, crushes, grades and fun! But making the right impression tops the chart. In order to do so, you need be confident and dress well. No, we don’t mean like school where you wore the same uniform for years and looked prim and proper (and a little boring too). Now that you are in college, dressing needs to be given extra attention since you will be wearing different clothes every day!

College life is an important time in everyone’s life. It is also the time when one can really experiment and find their own individual style. Although comfortable dressing is of the utmost importance but your ratty, lived-in jeans and tee can sometimes make you look too dull. So, here are some college-appropriate looks you should try for a chic and fresh style statement every day.

Casual Cool

inter are here, looking cool and feeling comfy are just what you need for college. Pair your cool cut offs with a tucked in crop top a trendy backpack and sneakers for an easygoing casual look.

Being Dressy

If dresses are your style go-to then this look is just what you need. Team your skater dress with a quirky jacket and a handbag for a stylish yet subtle statement. Add an extra dose of glamour with wavy hair. Perfect for parties or class and so much fun to twirl in!

Sexy Outfit

Team your culottes with a co-ord crop top or a printed top just like. Keep it casual with a funky slip on sandal or go for a color-pop stilettoes for a stylish affair. Add a cute handbag for a stand out effect.

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