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For the early party starters when a little mimosa or two are involved, start off light with airy flare dresses or pretty floral dresses that are perfect for bridal showers, brunch parties, birthdays and special pow-wows with your girls. come out strong with a statement-making fitted halter dress with strappy high heels.

Our party shop has all the party dresses for every Woman to stay trendy, sexy, and most importantly, confident! So get ready to show out, show up, and do it for the glam!

Cocktail Dress:

The party dress that started it all. We love our shifty chiffon dresses as much as the next A-line skater dress and we’ve got all the party dress styles to prove it! Ruffles, lace-ups, strappy details – we’re all about it! The key to the perfect cocktail dress for your night out is luxe fabrics and detailings that send things over the edge. If you’re looking for something fancy without breaking the bank, these will take you places. Our cocktail dresses keep it short and flirty, with a little lace and flare to keep it feminine chic for dinner party hosting or fancy happy hours.

Evening Party Dress:

Simply put, evening dress is the prevailing style prescribed by fashion to be worn in the evening. Though straightforward in its basic definition, there are surprisingly complex expectations related to the appropriateness of fashionable dress for the evening. Regardless of the era, evening dress is intricately connected to the fashions of the day, with specific characteristics that distinguish it from everyday dress. An evening gown is a special form of dress that amplifies a woman’s femininity and often proclaims her desirability. In general, necklines are low, bodices are tightly fitted, arms are bared, and skirts are extravagantly designed. Fabric surfaces vary from reflective to matte, textured to smooth, and soft to rigid. Gowns may be bouffant or hug the body, emphasizing every curve and swell. Regardless of these distinctions, there tends to be an overall emphasis on the woman’s body and in many instances on the gown itself.

Celebrity Party Dress:

If you’d just like to go as a generic actress, dress up in your best and most glamorous outfit. To complete the look, purchase a faux Academy Award at a local party store, put on some sunglasses and wrap yourself in a feather boa. You can add opera-length gloves to make the look a bit more glamorous. A celebrity stylist chooses a famous person’s wardrobe and advises them on clothing items, accessories and shoes to wear to an event. They typically order celebrities’ clothes and find outfits that follow current trends. Celebrity stylists also work closely with clients to learn more about their style preferences.

Party Club Bodycon Dress:

Bodycon, short for body-conscious, is a popular style of dress characterized by its stretch, figure-hugging fabric and seductive style designed to show off a woman’s curves. Over the years, the bodycon dress has gotten a bad rap, essentially going from classy to trashy. A woman’s dress that is too elegant, revealing, dressy or impractical for normal wear.

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