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Lingerie Collection

When one thinks of lingerie they often think about something steamy and sensual. However, lingerie isn’t just limited to that!
There’s a multitude of innerwear that exists, sexy lingerie being one of the subtypes.
we will help you pick out the perfect lingerie for you. 

The most popular type that every girl has at least one of would be the t-shirt bra. Although they’re called t-shirts bras, thereby narrowing them down to be worn just under t-shirts, that’s not the reality.

Practically these bras can be worn pretty much under anything. They come with a good grip and are comfortable enough to not let you feel the weight of them, thus making them the most popular one out of all the types of lingerie that actually exist.

Lingerie is something that’s hidden inside our clothes, but the right kind of fit can make or break an outfit. Bridal lingerie should be chosen with utmost attention as it can make your wedding dress look droopy or well lifted.

Lingerie in solid shades of nude and white makes a lot of sense. If your wedding outfit is dark then you can easily go for more sensual options with the whole shebang of lace and whatnot.

sports bras is types of lingerie that’s super high on functionality. The grip given by a sports bra is unmatched. It’s imperative to wear a sports bra when you engage in running, walking, yoga, or any sort of exercise for that matter.

They play a very important role in maintaining the shape of the breasts and reduce movement as well this saving the sensitive breast ligaments from wear and tear. So make sure you have at least one in your wardrobe when you decide to hit the gym.

Corsets are another piece of undergarment that holds a special spot in every girl’s closet. Bodycon dresses and corsets are actually a match made in heaven. They’re pretty much incomplete without each other.

Spanx is the best one to give a tight hold to the stomach and your thighs, thus evening out everything for a seamless look. Available in a sea of options ranging from seamless ones to non-seamless items, tight to moderate hold. You can choose one that ticks your checklist of requirements.

Too shy to experiment? Wish to take things slow? The classic chemise is utterly feminine and classy both at the same time. The market is flooded with chemise sets that come with cover-ups along with lacy underwear and bra. Sexy Cut-Out Lace Up Glitter, pick one as you feel the most comfortable in. We all know, confidence comes with comfort.

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