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Types Of Dresses

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There are so many different types of dresses available . Getting dressed up means different things to different people. Dress styles are affected by the length of the dress, the shape and the cut of the dress. Necklines, fabrics and sleeves affect dress styles as well as traditional clothing and influences from the past. the ‘dress’ has had a long and celebrated history as the years progressed.

Here we discussed types of dresses you need to know for an elevated wardrobe:

1) The Slip Dress

The Slip dress is one of the most fashionable types of party dresses today. Often sported by major fashion influencers and celebrities at hot and happening events, this is a comfortable option for those who want to have a fun and stylish dress in the ‘special’ section of their wardrobes.

2) The Bodycon Dress

The ‘bodycon’ dress is not for the faint-hearted. Bold and fashion-forward, a well-structured bodycon dress hugs the curves of the body in all the right places, giving the wearer a very put-together look. This one’s a fan fave.

3) The Skater Dress

A ‘skater’ dress typically features a full, fluid and flared skirt on the bottom, with a more well-fitted top and cinched waist. These types of dresses are a wonderful option for those who have a ‘pear’ or ‘hourglass’ shaped figure as they provide ample room in the bottom, with structured silhouettes on top.

4) The Maxi Dress

The maxi dress hardly needs any introduction. Well loved by women across all sizes, shapes and tastes, the maxi is a universally popular option. Giving a certain glam quotient to all your travel photos and #wanderlust outfits, this fluid, diaphanous style of a casual dress is just what you need to take your wardrobe to the next level.

5)The Mermaid Dress

Stunning for a formal or ceremonial event, mermaid dresses are known to naturally highlight the curves of the female form in a gracefully elegant manner.

6) The Sheath Dress

An easy slip-on, the ‘sheath’ or ‘shift’ dress is extremely popular amongst office-going women. Different dress styles have other parameters and come in-and-out of style according to the fashion cycle, but this is a timeless dress silhouette for the modern times.

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