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Fall 2021 Bag

Admittedly, the handbag was on hiatus for much of 2020, forced into an early retirement – or at least, a sabbatical – at the back of the wardrobe. No one needs a bag to ferry their lip balm from the kitchen table to the kettle. But you can bet it’s back with a vengeance for fall. Bolstered by a raft of autumn/winter 2021 bag trends (and healthy Q1 leather goods revenues) it’s ready to dutifully house your bobby pins alongside a crushed bag of peanut butter M&Ms, your cotton mask, tissues, cards, keys and Dr Bronner’s lavender-scented, organic hand sanitiser (it’s the best).

Whether you’re carrying it over your shoulder or in the crook of your arm – or, perhaps if you’re a Gucci fan, you’ll be strapping yours to an equestrian-style torso harness, complete with horsebit – your bag could be interpreted as a reflection of your personal analysis of the Covid-19 threat.

Tote Bag:

If countless bottles of hand sanitiser and an eclectic array of face masks are clogging up your cross-body bag, allow us to introduce you to your autumn/winter 2021 investment purchase: the back-to-business tote. Reasonably capacious, seen in classic blacks and browns at Hermès, Fendi, and The Row, it’s the kind of grown-up bag you forgot you needed in lockdown – i.e., one that’s roomy enough to house yoga kit, a change of shoes, and the many, many cards (credit, transport, security, vaccine status) you’ll find you need when normal life resumes. And if you’re still WFH for the foreseeable? You’ll need something in which to transport your vegetables from the farmer’s market to the larder.

Shoulder Bag:

Fall bags, fall purses, fall satchels, fall crossbody, fall purse style. A shoulder-bag is a bag that has a long strap so that it can be carried on a person’s shoulder. A handbag is any type of bag or case that can be carried either by hand or over the shoulder. Such bags are traditionally marketed to women, who use these bags to carry their cosmetics, money, and personal belongings. Handbags also may be closed in some way, either by gathering up the straps, or with a snap or clasp.

Crossbody Purse:

Here are some adjectives for handbags: nice seal, little private-school, small and rather elegant, strong, durable and useful, capacious and disorganized, fateful black, durable and useful, ruddy big, large sensible, large, stylish, casual, petal pink, large tan, small but functional, huge crimson, metallic purple.

Leather Bag:

The terms used to describe leather handbags, leather purses and leather bags are as varied as the styles that are attached to them. The concept of the bag is compact and streamline with a short strap that can be worn over the shoulder. Barrel a handbag with a long cylinder shape that resembles a barrel.

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