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Summer Sexy Style

Your personal style is a unique combination of fashion categories (like classic, trendy, boho, etc) that encapsulates what you do, who you are, and what you like. While your style may have influences from many fashion categories, you will have one dominant fashion category. The Chic Style Type is known for wearing monochromatic ensembles and pieces with sleek clean lines—she exudes power and has an innate sense of fashion. In the Chic Style Type’s wardrobe you’ll find sleek, modern shapes and of-the-moment accessories. A little black dress is always a staple, as is a little white dress.


  • Color : Black, Khaki
  • Fabric : PU Leather
  • Style : Sexy
  • Occasion : Street Wear
  • Pattern : Solid

Women’s Sexy Casual Slim High Waist Solid Stretchy Skinny Tights Pencil Pants. 2021 popular Related Search, Hot Search, Ranking Keywords trends in Women’s Clothing, Sports & Entertainment, Mother & Kids Clothing with women’s high. Cigarette pants are slim-fitted pants that feature a straight opening at the foot rather than a taper or flare. Also known as “stovepipe pants,” “pencil pants” or “slim-fit pants,” these pants first became popular during the 1950s in both men’s and women’s fashions.


  • Material  : Acrylic
  • Color  : Apricot, Orange
  • Style  : Casual, Fashion
  • Pattern  : Solid

The traditional Oxford has that academy look with a flat heel. The heel is still flat at the base, but with more height than a traditional. Chunky Heels. This is the general term for any heel with a wider base that is typically square. And despite all this, the clear heel remains popular for its original purpose as a stripper shoe: the illusion it creates of an elongated leg creates an instant appeal for onlookers.


  • Color : White, Yellow, Black, Green, Orange
  • Inner Material : PU
  • Pattern Type : Solid

A crossbody bag is by definition designed to be worn on one side of the body with the strap looped over the opposite shoulder. That being said, you can wear it any way you like, including just throw it over the shoulder. According to the Oxford dictionary, a sling bag is an unstructured fabric shoulder bag that can either be worn parallel to your body, or across it. One end of the strap is attached to one end of the bag and the other to the other end.


  • Style: Trendy, Fashion
  • Occasion: Daily Casual
  • Color: Multi Color, White, Gray, Light Blue, Red, Brown, Beige

The use of multiple bright colors is used throughout the different parts of these dangling earrings. The top part of the earring is where the stud. An earring is jewelry you wear on your ear. Your favorite earrings might be tiny white pearls, or they might be long feathers that dangle to your shoulders. An earring is any kind of ring, stud, hoop, or dangling decoration that you clip on your earlobe or hook through a hole pierced in your ear.

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