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Straight-Leg Jeans to Buy Now and Wear Forever

A Lot has been said about jeans this year, particularly with strong strike against skinny jeans (and side parts). As for me, my closet is bursting at the seams with an undisclosed amount of denim. Each and every pair of jeans holds a special place in my heart, but there’s just something about a straight-leg that hits differently.

The straight-leg silhouette is a comfortable classic, designed to sit high on your hips and drop straight down to the hem. Not only has this style stood the test of time and the coming and going of trends, but can also be effortlessly worn any time of the year. Make this silhouette your summer go-to by complementing your jeans with a simple tank and sneakers or slip into a strappy heel and a bra-like crop top to beat the heat. Keep scrolling to shop my favorite washes, fits and brands.

Light Wash jeans:

With the perfect amount of fading, the lighter washes have a well-loved, summertime feel. Find yourself a pair that fits you like a glove and you’ll find you can wear them with just about everything. Light wash jeans are distressed jeans, even when they’re not full of holes. They’re jeans that have been worn or washed until all the dye’s leaked out, which gives even an off-the-rack pair an aged feel. So embrace that by slashing them apart.

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Long Denim Jeans:

Here are some adjectives for jeans: baggy, pleated, tough, protective, mangled blue, defiant appeal, newest, blackest, homespun and blue, cut-off blue, long, well-worn, dear ungrateful, tattered, unwashed, dismissal discomfited, tightest white, offensive blue, ersatz twentieth-century, extremely baggy, bloody, dusty. Denim is very strong and does not snag or tear easily. It is also breathable, can be ironed at a high temperature and creases easily. Suitable for long wear, it is quite stiff when new, but softens with continued washing and wear.

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Black Denim jeans:

Everyone needs a pair of vintage-inspired black jeans. The perfectly faded wash gives the denim a lived-in look like you’ve owned them for years. A pair of black jeans is considered well-dressed, but to the everyday rebels who keep questioning the state of things, who keep pushing to make this world a little better every day, it’s a mindset. Black denim is a way to differentiate yourself from the rest.

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Hollow Out Denim Jeans:

Chain Jeans Pants Women’s Low Waist Large Hole Destroyed Distressed Denim Trouser Female Long Bottoms. Women Sexy Hole Straight Jeans Hollow Out Beading Denim High Waist Pants Casual Solid Jeans and other Jeans. Women’s Streetwear Bottoms  Summer Fashion Contrast Color Denim Pencil Pants Women Hollow Out Hole Jean Trousers Casual Wear.

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High Waist Zipper Fly Skinny Long Denim Pants:

A pair of denim jeans featuring a stonewash, wide leg, high-rise waist, belt loops, mock front pocket, back patch pockets. The denim pants feature high waist, floral embroidery pattern, button zip closure, patch pockets, ripped design and skinny fit. Women’s Butt Lift Denim Jeans with Pockets Button Zipper Fly High Waist Denim Pants Skinny Jeans and other Jeans.

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Split Distressed Denim Pants:

A style of denim that is given a vintage worn look through manufacturing processes. This is to give the denim a look similar to that found in raw denim that has been broken in by the wearer. When it comes to fashion, deconstructed denim is when a garment hasn’t been finished the way it normally is. So, you can expect to see raw edges instead of neat, closed off seams. Another common deconstructed look is a fringed hem or an uneven hemline. Some deconstructed denim jeans have zippers in new places.

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High Waist Crop Casual High Street Ladies Jeans:

A high-rise or high-waisted garment is one designed to sit high on, or above, the wearer’s hips, usually higher than the navel. In western cultures, high-rise jeans were especially common in the 1970s, in competition with low-rise pants. Even though high-waisted pants are more forgiving than they used to be, they’re not universally flattering by any means. They work with a variety of body types, and you don’t have to be a supermodel to wear them, but it can be a tightrope act trying to find the right style.

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