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Summer Holiday Lookbook

The best part of summer is travelling to exotic destinations and relaxing in the shade. Along with the holidays, comes holiday fashion. Because you are on the go, you pack limited items from bikinis, sarongs to jewelry and sunglasses. You tend to repeat the same outfits and lounge under the sun. On holidays you wear what you feel and want, so why miss a fashion opportunity, right! Check out these hot summer holiday looks to try this vacation.

1.The bikini:

You will pack a bikini. Go wild and creative with your bikini mix and match, with funky prints and bright colors.  try on some retro style bikinis high waisted bottoms and also consider wearing one piece suits which can also be awesome.

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2. Dresses:

Consider keeping dresses for all occasions, from spending a day at the beach, lunch on the beach to dinner by the sea.  You have so many options to choose and pack from. From chiffon, lacy to long sleeved jersey ones, strapless to bare back and maxi dresses, you name it, it’ll be perfect.

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3. Beach Wear:

Beachwear refers to clothing suitable for being worn on a beach or urban beach. Beachwear usually falls somewhere between swimwear and what a person wears when fully clothed. For women, this may consist of beach shorts that are long enough to almost come down to the knees, and sometimes beyond.

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4. Beach Kimono:

Channel your inner boho girl by packing a beach kimono. You can wear this on almost every outfit. Wear it over a bikini, shorts and crop top to a lacy dress, it will never let you down. These come in so many styles from long, short to lacy, knit and fringed.

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5. Denim Shorts:

Of course you need them. Go crazy on prints, colors and materials. From floral, tribal to lacy, crochet to solid neon color. These days when you want to chill and do nothing, wear your shorts over a bikini.

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